How do I make a reservation?  Send us an email or call the toll free number. We will contact you back and discuss the various options.  

Who do I pay for the golf?  You pay us the booking fee of $25.00 and pay the remainder direct at the golf course. We reserve the tee time and receive a confirmation number. You show up to the course and provide your name or confirmation number. We are well known to the golf courses and there never has been an issue.

If you book transportation with golf, you will be asked to pay $20 per player for the transportation.  We take VISA and MASTERCARD. If you are a SINGLE, the transportation will be $30.00. Please check all other options to get you to the course. We do not own the transportation company; we simply obtained this deal for the guests. Most RACK RATE includes transportation.

Because you are on holidays and sometimes things get in the way of your round of golf, like say…20 beers, 3 tequilas and the bathroom, we understand…BUT if we send the transportation and you have not cancelled it, you will be charged for it. All in all, that is pretty fair if you ask me. If you call us before we send the transportation, you will not be charged. Since you pay for the round at the golf course, your round will not be charged. I am aware of only one course, Mayakoba- El Camaleon that wants your credit card up front for the golf in full.

Do all courses offer rental clubs, shoes and have pro-shops on site? Yes all courses listed with us have rental clubs for left and right and men and women. 

What is the cancellation policy? Cancel up to 24 hours prior without any charges and get a full refund on the transportation and booking fee! Groups of 9 or more have to confirm 3 days prior with us (golf course) and provide a deposit of 50%. Courses will not allow large groups blocking their prime tee times and then not show up. This is easy to understand.

All Inclusive option? Some offer drinks and food specials; others offer all inclusive drinks and food. Yes, this means that you can eat whatever they have on the cart and drink all day. Normally something you would not think about doing at home! Please think long and hard about this one. You are still responsible for the carts and any damages to the golf course. The courses do not look kindly on their carts ending up in the woods or lakes. It might seem funny at the time to your friends but the Mexican jail experience is not that pleasant. I have personally witnessed players going to the local hospital with injuries incurred when the trees started to get too big!!!!

What if it rains? Golf can be played in the rain but not lightning! If it is a light rain, it’s a go! If you go to the course and it becomes too much, you will normally be offered the following: 

Less that 5 holes, rain check or refund. 

10 holes or less. -nine hole rain check or refund for ½. 

More than 14 holes - no refund or raincheck.

Whats the time between tee times? Normally 10 minutes.

What time do courses open in the morning? Golf courses open at 06:30 and close at 18:00.   They do not leave until all players are off the property!    Its normally full daylight at 0700.

Can I walk the course? No, all have power carts and with the high temperatures, you will be happy you have one!

How long does it take to play a round of golf? Normally from 4 to 5 hours!

How do we contact you if needed? Send an email or call our local number.